The FPUSA umpires guide (2015-2016)

In December 2015, Ed Porto, then President of the FPUSA, announced

FPUSA has developed and adopted a supplement containing official clarification for some of the rules that have proven ambiguous or have given rise to varied interpretations by players and umpires. They are nicely laid out and written in layman’s terms by National Umpires Joe Martin and Gary Jones.

The document— FPUSA Official Rules Interpretations for Umpires— could be downloaded as a PDF file from the FPUSA web site.

About a year later, after the 2016 revision of the FIPJP rules, FPUSA withdrew the umpires guide. As of 2021-08-30, it has not issued another version.

Our archived copy of it is still available on our National umpire guides & rules interpretations page.

This page was originally posted in December 2015, when the guide was announced.
The post was revised in August 2021 to reflect the subsequent history of the guide.


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