2016 FIPJP rules – American translation now available

Our American-English translation of the FIPJP International Rules of Petanque, as approved December 4, 2016 at Antananarivo (Madagascar), is now available.

  • 2016 American English text
  • Side-by-side French/English text

If you find any errors in these documents, please let us know immediately and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Since this was first posted, revised version of these documents have been published. They can be found HERE.

These rules go into effect for international competitions starting January 1, 2017. Most national federations will adapt (and perhaps translate) the new version of the FIPJP rules to create their own new national versions, and then officially release their new national versions in a few weeks or months. Until that happens, current (pre-2016) versions of national rules remain in effect for national and regional competitions.

The printed pages can easily be assembled into a booklet.



2 thoughts on “2016 FIPJP rules – American translation now available

  1. Hello Steve. Shannon Bowman here from Valley of the Moon Petanque Club. This is great publication. Very clear and concise. I’m currently an FPUSA board and sport committee member. As you know we have had a rocky road and hope the new blood on the board will help make it smoother. May I download this, for myself, and introduce it to the committee? I would appreciate it. I think it will help us gain some footing. Thank you so much, Shannon

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