Rules for time-limited competitions

In many competitions, early rounds of the competition are organized as time-limited games, often using the Swiss system.

The FIPJP rules of petanque contain very little about the running of time-limited games, and that is unlikely to change. There is, then, no single set of rules that is THE international rules for time-limited competitions.

Instead, rules for time-limited competitions are typically developed, revised, and published separately for each competition. A good example is available on the web site of the CEP (Confédération Européenne de Pétanque). The CEP is the European confederation of the FIPJP, and quite a strong organization in its own right. It is the organization that sponsors the European Confederation petanque championships, aka the Eurocup.

To find the CEP rules for time-limited games, go to the “documents” page on the CEP web site. Scroll down and look for the heading Championship Rules; under that look for Timed Games.

📌 We have an archived copy for 2015.