National umpire guides & rules interpretations

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Ask the Umpire Facebook group by International Umpire Mike Pegg

** rules interpretations (pre-2016 rules) | pdf | docx |

Petanque New Zealand
** rules and interpretations (2019-01) | pdf | PNZ website |
** See also: PNZ umpire training manual (2014) | pdf |

Petanque Federation of Australia
** documents page | website |

** There are a number of useful documents on the CEP’s Umpiring page, especially—
**** CEP Umpiring Guide | our archived copy (v1.3) |
**** CEP Umpiring Q&A | our archived copy (2020) |

NJBB (Dutch/Netherlands)
** rules interpretations | HTML |

Welsh Petanque Association
** rules interpretation page | website |

FFPJP (France)
** Introduction to the rules (2015) | Powerpoint |
** Code d’arbitrage | pdf |
** French umpires web page

In French documents, CNA stands for Commission Nationale d’Arbitrage (the French federation’s umpires committee). MAJ is mise à jour, “revision date”.

[updated 2021-04-28]

4 thoughts on “National umpire guides & rules interpretations

  1. What is the ruling on leveling the piste before throwing?
    Jules says—
    It depends on what you’re asking about. For grooming the terrain between ends, see THIS. For the various rules about fixing holes see THIS and the following questions.

  2. I have been told that you can’t put unused boules on the terrain. That is— if you are in the circle and have two unused boules, you can’t put them on the ground.
    Jules says see THIS.

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