How to organize a petanque tournament

See also our page on the Swiss system

English Petanque Association — Competition Organizers’ Manual (2003)

The English Petanque Association developed a competition organizers’ manual in 2003 that was probably the most comprehensive such manual ever available in the English language. For many years the EPA sold paper copies, but they no longer do so. As of May 30, 2016, Martin Eggleton, EPA President, reports that the EPA is working on updating and modernising the manual.

Petanque New Zealand — How to Run Petanque Tournaments

The Petanque New Zealand web site has some very useful documents. If you are planning on organizing a tournament, you should visit their tournament management page and see what it has to offer.

For your convenience, here is our archived copy of the most important of those documents— PetanqueNZ_HowToRunAPetanqueTournament.pdf



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