FIPJP rules for the certification of boules

The FIPJP maintains a document called Fabricants de Boules: Labels des Boules et Buts agréés en compétition that lists all certified manufacturers of boules, certified models of competition boules, and certified models of synthetic jacks. This document can be found at Click on the RULES TEXTS tab.

MS_petanque_boule_antirebound_technologyThe FIPJP also publishes a separate document that lays out the technical requirements for the certification of manufacturers and competition petanque boules. This document describes the procedures that a manufacturer must follow in order to obtain FIPJP certification for a product line of competition boules.

The title of the document is Conditions Requises Pour L’homologation De Boules De Petanque De Competition (“Requirements for the Certification of Competition Petanque Boules”). It is available (French only) on the FIPJP web site under the heading Agrément (de) Boules. We have created a side-by-side French-English translation of that document. We hope this translation will be useful to English-speaking readers, but note that it is not approved or certified by the FIPJP itself. (Our document revision date is indicated in the filename.)


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