Guides to the rules of petanque

2016 FIPJP International Rules of Petanque | pdf | docx |
side-by-side French and American English, with notes on the translation

2021 edition of a handy booklet containing our American English translation of the 2016 FIPJP rules.
| docx | pdf |

Our American English translation of the 2020 rules is in development and should be ready in January or February 2021.

Notes on the Rules of Petanque (2020 FIPJP rules) (in preparation)

Petanque Libre Project — rules designed for games without umpires

2 thoughts on “Guides to the rules of petanque

    • Hi Alex, There has been no change to the rules themselves, of course. The answers to three of the FAQs have been slightly rewritten to make them clearer, and the formatting of the FAQs has been improved.

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